Passat limousine Elegance in pyrite-silver with wheel "Verona", side-front standing, man gets out of the car

Welcome to Volkswagen Palestine

Fascinating in conception. The Tiguan

Powerful, comfortable and well-connected – the Tiguan demonstrates what it can do. Intelligent technology gives it extraordinary capabilities. As a dynamic SUV, it shows what is possible.

A mobile icon becomes a digital icon. The Golf

Introducing the Golf, and setting new standards in digitalisation on the road. Intelligent assist systems make each journey more comfortable and relaxed. Combined with that typical Golf feeling.

Sets its own course and leads the way up front. The Touareg

The Touareg brings a breath of fresh air to the streets. And to the unexplored paths in between. Innovations such as the electromechanical roll stabilisation, matrix LED headlights or the Innovision Cockpit add optional enhancements to the varied experience of driving this SUV.

To maintain a constant high pace in the endless development process  
Volkswagen Palestine   

So much more. The new Polo

Who says you can’t expect big features from a small car? Discover the progressive design and intelligent technology of the new Polo.

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Customer satisfaction and service quality

Thanks to our comprehensive services, you can hit the road without a care. In the Dialogue Reception, we’ll take you through a Vehicle Check – you decide what needs to be done.

Accessories as individual as you and your Volkswagen

From navigation systems, to child seats, infotainment and roof boxes: Simply more for your individual Volkswagen – upgrade now.

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