A couple goes on a bicycle tour thanks to the VW bicycle carrier on their Volkswagen

Accessories as individual as you and your Volkswagen

From navigation systems, to child seats, infotainment and roof boxes: Simply more for your individual Volkswagen – upgrade now.

A VW SUV with transport products from VW Accessories
Transport accessories for you

So you and your Volkswagen are prepared for anything that comes your way. No need to compromise.

A woman and man in stylish clothes sitting in front of their VW car – VW Lifestyle products
Automotive Lifestyle

Model cars, GTI or Classic Collection – that’s what makes a Volkswagen fan’s heart beat faster. Discover the versatile Lifestyle items: modern and innovative.

Comfort and protection for your Volkswagen

Your discrete companion

Concentrate on the drive in your Volkswagen – our products provide you and your car with protection from distracting influences, such as clouds of dirt. You can order our accessories from your trusted dealer.

Mud flaps from VW Accessories on a VW
Loading sill protection from VW Accessories on a VW
Wind deflector from VW Accessories on a VW
  • Load sill guard:
    The load sill guard protects against damages during loading and unloading. Available as a transparent foil or protective strip with stainless steel effect.
  • Mudflaps:
    With our mudflaps, your Volkswagen stays clean and the paintwork free from scratches. They deflect small stones and clouds of dirt, thereby improving the view for following traffic.
  • Wind deflector:
    With the windows down, fresh air can still circulate in the vehicle interior on warm days in the same way it does when it’s raining or snowing outside.
A Volkswagen with a roof box and frozen windows – VW winter care products

Winter care

To make sure that your journey remains relaxed and safe, despite the snow and rain, there is a range of special winter care products available, also as a car set: De-icer spray, Anti-frost concentrate, Rubber care and Ice scraper.

Father and son vacuuming the seats of their Volkswagen together

Spring cleaning for your car

In winter, your car is subject to very demanding conditions. That’s why it requires special care in spring, making sure that road salt, dirt and gravel are gone in a flash. Our products: Rim cleaner, Insect remover and “Spring” care set.

Shampoo and polish

Shine, cleanliness and long-lasting protection! Give your Volkswagen an extra special treatment with specially developed care products. You can order our accessories from your trusted dealer.

A service employee cares for the body of a VW
  • Wax shampoo:
    Clean the paintwork and preserve its shine, all in one go. The wax shampoo has been developed exclusively for Volkswagen paintwork.
  • Wax polish:
    Professional quality Volkswagen paintwork care and paintwork treatment. Our wax polish is shampoo and weather-proof.
  • Glass polish:
    Cleans away any stubborn dirt on the windscreen such as insect residue, tree sap, tar, oil, soot and silicon residues.
A child sits in a VW Accessories child seat
On the road with children – the right child seat

Whether drifting off to sleep or plenty of space to play: We have the right car seat for children of all ages and needs. Freedom of movement thanks to adjustable heights, seat belts or handles: Take a look at our child seats in the video.

Comfortable on the road, safe on arrival: infotainment and navigation

The journey is the destination – with our systems, you'll find the best route and be entertained at the same time. You can order our infotainment and navigation systems from your trusted dealer.

Basic module for the modular travel and comfort system – VW Accessories

Make your trip a real pleasure

With this modular travel and convenience system important objects are within easy reach or can be operated by passengers seated in the rear seat. The basic module is simply attached between the head restraint guides on the front seats and can be supplemented by additional modules, available separately.

Practical, useful, convenient – that’s how it works

Follow the simple assembly of the basic module in the video – and all other additional modules. Are interested in having one of the practical travel modules in your Volkswagen? Then come and speak to your Volkswagen Partner.

Turns the rear seat into a cinema

With the swivelling tablet holder, your kids will be entertained on the journey and you can concentrate on the road.


  • Safe and unobtrusive integration of a range of Apple and Samsung tablets in your vehicle
  • Simple assembly on a basic module via a click-in system
  • Can be used in portrait and landscape
Swivelling tablet holder with tablet on the driver's rear seat – VW Accessories
GoPro® holder for the VW modular travel and comfort system

...and action

The GoPro® holder is easily attached to a basic module and has a swivelling arm as well as a device holder that can be rotated 360°, allowing you to set the camera to your desired field of vision.

Exclusively available from your Volkswagen PartnerOpens an external link.

MEDIA-IN adapter cable

Connect external audio sources

With the help of the MEDIA-IN adapter cable, you can easily play and control audio files from your mobile phone or MP3 player over your car stereo speakers. The display of song titles and playlists also occurs via the radio installed in your car.

A USB premium cable connected to the smartphone – VW Accessories
A VW Golf 8 stands in front of a grey wall
Get a sporty look combined with top functionality for your car

Maximise the look, reduce the lift – the principle of our aerodynamic products. Exclusively available from your Volkswagen PartnerOpens an external link.

  • Side sill set:
    Our sills can be painted in the same colour as your Volkswagen and, combined with a front and rear apron, creates a strong look.
  • Rear apron:
    From the up! to the Touareg: Visually enhance the rear of your car with our rear aprons and matching diffusers and improve its aerodynamics.
  • Front spoiler:
    Our spoilers give your car a sporty look and reduce the lift of the front axle.
  • Roof edge spoilers:
    Roof edge spoilers enhance your car visually and improve aerodynamics.
  • Tailgate spoilers:
    Reduce rear lift and optimise driving characteristics: The striking eye-catcher on the tail.

Bộ đệm chân phanh, chân ga

Thiết kế chức năng dành cho chân phanh, chân ga: Bộ đệm chất lượng cao từ Phụ kiện của Volkswagen sẽ chinh phục bạn với độ bám tuyệt vời và phong cách thể thao.

Detailed view of the footwell of a car with a stylish pedal pad set – Volkswagen Accessories
The exterior mirror cap on the driver's side of a VW car  –  VW Accessories

Mirror caps

Our high-quality exterior mirror caps bring a sporty flair to your vehicle and make a truly special impression.

The LED tail light clusters of a VW car

Good design takes into account the person and their needs

  • LED tail light clusters:
    The tinted LED tail light clusters make even the rear of your car a real head-turner.
  • Decor:
    With the Volkswagen Genuine Decorative Foils you can give your Volkswagen a truly personal touch.
  • Chrome lettering:
    Our chrome lettering on the rear of your Volkswagen give it a sophisticated and elegant edge.


You can order our fashionable and practical accessories from your trusted dealer.

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